Ashirwad Shipping




High efficiency, delivered with ease and economy

FCL ocean fright is the key focus area for ASHIRWAD SHIPPING, and we believe in making a positive impact on our customers’ supply chain through our process driven approach. We also undertake LCL services. At ASHIRWAD SHIPPING, we have built a complete set of capabilities to undertake any and all allied services that our clients may require. For all your ocean freight export and import needs, ASHIRWAD SHIPPING offers leading capability, reach and on-ground understanding that’s essential to ensure efficient, economical and time-bound cargo movement.

Benefit from the ASHIRWAD SHIPPING strengths

We are the leaders in ocean freight exports from India to Africa. Benefit from our leadership position in volumes to get the leading rates and reach your cargo to the African continent with those who lead the way. Be it customs clearance, inland transport like truck and train, or ICD terminal, we are equipped to serve your needs. Our deep geographical reach spans Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, DRC and Mozambique.

Strong alliances with top shipping lines:
Our relationship with shipping lines ensure the following advantages for our clients:

  • Guaranteed space
  • Reliable scheduling
  • Trans-shipment services done with efficient pairing
  • On time delivery and competitive rates

Wide network of international ocean freight agent:
Our experienced global partners enable our customers to Export to virtually any location worldwide. Our agents are meticulously selected on the basis of significant industry experience and financial stability. This will assure our customers the reliability in our service and effective handling of the cargo

Streamlined internal processes:
We are systems and process driven to ensure faster processing and legal requirements that saves time for our customers.

24/7 Customer Service:
Our leading customer service is always by your side for any information or guidance you need.

Equipment Availability:
We ensure that our customers can move their goods without delay and unnecessary expenditure on inventory management, warehousing costs, etc.

Intermodal capabilities

We have the capability to ensure door-to-door delivery for our clients. We undertake complete cargo movement process for our clients involving surface, water and air transport seamlessly. Inland Cargo Movement – Africa: Coupled with our ocean freight exports in Africa, we also offer one of the most leading inland cargo movement solutions in Africa.

Special Cargo

Be it temperature sensitive, corrosive, hazardous cargo or unique dimensional – we have the wherewithal to take care of your special cargo needs.

Holistic imports solutions

AMI offers leading import ocean freight services that encompasses every aspect from customs to reaching the cargo to destination. Timely delivery, trustworthy counterpart, transparent tracking and efficient handling along with a leading team of network of agents – AMI ensures a seamless service experience for you.

Customs Handling

Our customs brokerage services comes along with import ocean freight worldwide. We simplify the complex cargo process for you with step-by-step guidance and ensure hassle-free cargo clearance.

Major locations from where we offer import services

  • Europe
  • Far East
  • Southeast Asia
  • Middle East
  • North America
  • South and Central America
  • East & Central Africa